Post by Boyd Cohen, Iomob CEO

The power of the MaaS Alliance sits in its ability to stimulate engagement and cooperation between key players who can make Mobility as a Service a reality across the globe. At the MaaS Alliance Plenary Meeting on 25 March this fundamental role of the Alliance will be on full display.

While Iomob just recently became a member of the MaaS Alliance, we have for many years been appreciative of the important work the Alliance does to advocate for the industry. We are delighted about being part of the conversation at the upcoming MaaS Alliance Meeting that will see more than 100 active member organisations from across the globe discuss a range of topics critical to the industry’s evolution.

I am honored to be part of one of the panel discussions that day, exploring the role of bike-sharing in MaaS. At Iomob, we recognise the potential of bikesharing and micromobility to accelerate the shift to a net zero carbon transport ecosystem. While there is an inherent value in the adoption of micromobility, this value is heightened by innovations like microsubsidies for first and last mile micromobility. Iomob is currently partnering with global organisations to make these innovations a reality and I am looking forward to discussing this topic with my fellow panelists: Sean Hitchcock who will be presenting the OpenWheels initiatives in the Netherlands and Kevin Mayne exploring the initiative he has been leading at Cycling Industries Europe to grow the adoption and market of bikesharing in Europe. The discussion is moderated by Bon Bakermans from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water in the Netherlands.

The MaaS Alliance meeting will be another opportunity for the community to get together virtually for now to share insights and reflections on the current state of the MaaS industry and how we can move together towards a greater, greener post-COVID recovery of the global mobility ecosystem.

The MaaS Alliance’s first plenary of 2021, an exclusive members-only event, will take place on 25 March and will bring together more than 100 MaaS professionals globally, from public and private sectors. If you would like to join the MaaS Alliance membership, contact us today.