The Regional Transportation District (RTD), working in partnership with Kyyti Group, has developed an app that allows customers to book their FlexRide trip and see connections with bus and rail in real time. RTD’s FlexRide provides service in specific Denver metro areas, allowing customers first- and last-mile connections between bus and rail routes and other destinations. The fully integrated route planner for bus, rail and FlexRide includes step-by-step navigation and on-demand ride hailing for FlexRide trips.

“RTD is constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience,” said Chief Operations Officer Michael Ford. “This new app will streamline processes, fully integrating regular bus and rail service with our FlexRide microtransit service, all in one place. This app will make RTD services more accessible and attractive to current and future RTD users.”

“Intermodal route planning across public transport and on-demand services has been a key focus in the development of the Kyyti technology platform. We’re very happy that Denver RTD has chosen Kyyti’s platform and mobile application to power door-to-door route planning and booking of rides for the most innovative demand responsive transit setup in the US”, said Kyyti Group CEO Pekka Möttö.

This app – which can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store – also allows customers to connect to their train or bus, providing a comprehensive tool for RTD customers traveling

in FlexRide service areas. Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance and in as little as ten minutes prior to pick-up time, so that it’s more flexible for users. Prior to this, reservations had to be made one hour prior to pick-up time.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • On-demand ride hailing for FlexRide service.
  • Users can plan and book rides from FlexRide service areas with a pick-up address or place name, by using a current location, or by picking a location from a map. If the pick-up location is outside of the FlexRide service area, the trip planner will load other transportation options.
  • Responsive maps can move and zoom to find your precise location.
  • Uses RTD’s real-time data and based on Open Trip Planner.
  • Mobile Ticketing – coming soon.

Original source and picture credit: Kyyti Group