Modern technology combined with a social cause and smart content not only solves problems, but it also enhances equality, information access and inclusion. The WSA Winners 2020 provide a meaningful selection of worldwide content driven applications contributing to the achievement of the UN SDGs.

Fluidtime’s MaaS platform FluidHub is a tailor-made mobility technology that gives citizens, commuters and employees access to new choices for their daily travels. A feature-rich, open platform for the integration and standardization of public transport and sharing services, coupled with a multimodal mobility app with unique route planner, booking and payment features, ensures that every company can realize its mobility plans in the shortest possible time. An outstanding technology that can permanently change the future of mobility, as now confirmed by a jury of 43 international high-ranking experts, who have chosen FluidHub as the WSA winner 2020. 40 solutions from 26 countries have been recognized by the WSA.

“The WSA Winners combine two major focus points – the commitment on the UN SDGs and solving societies issues with smart content application. Evaluated by an international expert Jury in 2 stages – a multi-stakeholder college unique in terms of diversity and background – the 40 WSA Winners have been tried for sustainability, aim, technical and strategic finesse. This year’s challenges show more than ever how much digital means can offer progress and solutions. This year’s WSA Winners present a wonderful showcase of purpose driven innovation and entrepreneurship”, WSA Chairman Peter A. Bruck states.

The WSA Winner’s 2020 list is manifold. Focusing foremost on content and impact in their local communities, not only the technical finesse and design, WSA assembled international experts from all regions and fields to select the 40 winners. The final jury phase concluded in an on-site three days meeting 43 international high-level experts, deciding in a democratic and transparent process on the most powerful and content rich solutions 2020.

Fluidtime’s MaaS technology will be honoured at the WSA Global Congress, in front of an international audience. Fluidtime will receive the award in the category “Smart Settlement& Urbanization” at the World Summit Awards Global Congress 2021, from March 22 -24. 2021. The WSA Global congress is an international networking and learning event for those who are interested in the use of digital technology to achieve the UN SDGs – in 2021 for the first time completely virtual.

Original source and picture credit: Fluidtime